Open Session In View II.

Example code is available on

In the previous article we have described how to enable OSIV in VaadinConfig.groovy. This tutorial will show way how to do it in the old way, without configuration.

The other way to use OSIV in Grails with Vaadin is to manually add an extra filter OpenSessionInViewFilter into web.xml file.

Step 1

Generate project templates in your project. install-templates command will generate many files inside src/templates folder.

grails install-templates

Leave only web.xml and remove folders artifacts, scaffolding and testing.

Generated templates

Step 2

Add the following filter definition, that will keep session opened during each reqiest, into generated web.xml.

<!-- OSIV Filter -->


Change package name of OpenSessionInViewFilter for Hibernate 3

We are done. Now we can run the application and Hibernate session will be always opened, during each Vaadin request.

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