Step 1

Open System Properties dialog window and switch to Advanced tab. Then click on Environment Variables... button, which opens Environment Variables dialog.

Step 2

In this step, you are going to set system environment variables for your windows machine. Click on New... button in System variables section to add a new system variable.

Step 3

You are going to set Java home in this step, because Grails is Java based technology and you need Java on system in order to run any Grails command. Insert JAVA_HOME into Variable name text field. Then insert path to your version of Java 8 into Variable value text field.

Step 4

In this step we are going to set Grails home because you will need to run Grails commands from command line.

Insert GRAILS_HOME into Variable name text field and path to Grails installation into Variable value text field. You can get Grails binaries from Just unzip the downloaded archive and provide path to the folder. In our case, it was grails-3.1.7 on C: drive.

Step 5

In this step you will make it possible to run Grails from your command line. Select Path variable from the list of system variables and click on Edit... button. Go at the end of text in Variable value text field and append the path to Grails bin folder, in our case C:\grails-3.1.7\bin

In case you run into troubles, follow this tutorial: Setup Grails 3 Windows Development Environment.

Now you are done and you can proceed to another chapter about project creation.

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